February 02, 2016 Lebanon Middle East

Dunkin Donuts: Where My Heart Goes for a Coffee
Morning Delights

The container is a new addition to Dunkin. It's one of their tiniest shops located on Maameltein's highway. Going all the way to Tripoli, I stopped for a coffee.


Why Dunkin, because I realized this morning that I have no review of Dunkin yet despite my several visits to this coffee shop on a weekly basis. The story started in 2001, the first university years where I used to stop on my way up to Fanar for a coffee and sometimes escape during the day to study up on the smoking-free first floor. Dunkin has gone a long way, changing decor every couple years, from a graffiti space to customers photos and growing from one door to a four door shop.

After that in 2001, I moved to another campus in Sin el Fil where Dunkin was down the road in Abraj center. 7am every morning, I used to stop there for a croissant. The oven was just ready to open its door and aromatize the space... A warm and flaky croissant baked a la minute, a tender and fluffy heart, a light chewiness, layers of pastry dough and cheese awaiting to stuff it. As is, super hot and fresh, the croissant was exceptional.

Today, Dunkin is a drive-thru on Zalka highway, a container for a grab and go in Maameltein and more than 30 different shops around the country.


Back to this morning events. 7am was a first stop at Dunkin Maameltein's for a coffee and to enjoy a fresh donut which is best enjoyed before 9am. My favorite is the double chocolate and my second is the world famous Boston Cream. Black! This is how I take my coffee.

I was not over with Dunkin and revisited on my way back from Tripoli. Another coffee to end up this fabulous day around the old souk of the capital of North Lebanon; I'm so in love with this city. This time, I stopped in Jbeil; The Byblos branch is located on the main highway facing the municipality on Jbeil's main entrance. I love the vibes around here, youngsters mainly come here to chat, study, drink, have a cigarette and leave.

Donuts, a coffee, Dunkin has made it in our daily lives for more than 15 years now. It has become part of our culture hasn't it?

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