February 01, 2013 Istanbul Turkey Middle East

Efes Beer Port, Istanbul Ataturk Airport (Restaurant Closed)


Welcoming: 1/5

Food Temperature: 6/10

Ambiance / Music: 3.5/10

Menu Choice: 3/5

Food Taste: 18/30

Architecture / Interior: 1/10

Food presentation: 7/10

Service: 1/10

Value for money: Soon

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Just next to the Greenport, which I reviewed a couple of days ago is the Efes Beer Port. This Irish taverna-like place is overwhelming with wood everywhere - the bar, the floors, the chairs, the tables... with just a green fence  separating it from the toilets.
The waiters are unacceptably unwelcoming, working the whole time with a long face. I understand that this is a job for them, but is it that torturing? I really don't recommend you even pass by this place. I don't know what they offer, food or drinks only since the menu wasn't presented to us. I asked for it - just for the sake of taking some pictures to share.
Find below all the pics of the annoyingly big 64 page menu which I didn't even feel like reading. A menu that's more of a marketing tool than an appetite builder.
These places are managed by a company called BTA that surely doesn't know what the staff is doing to the reputation of their places.
Dear BTA management, your staff sucks.
The Greenport and Green Bar are two places I didn't like at all, with no professionalism whatsoever. With dirty ceilings and floors and disastrous service taken for granted - I recommend you avoid.
I've been sitting here for 30 minutes already, waiting for a waiter to appear to ask for the check with no success.
A total disaster.





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