November 29, 2015 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Marky's: Poutines, Burgers and Smoked Meat (Restaurant Closed)
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Phone Number: +961 3 677171

Address: Lebanon ( 08:00AM - 08:00PM)


Price Range: 8-25 $

Life, liberty and cheesesteak is what Marky's is all about. Checking my last reviews, I was shocked to discover that the last visit to Marky's was in June of 2014. Hearing that Mark is now smoking his meat, I had to visit again.


Poutines and sides, traditional Philly steaks, specialty Philly cheesesteaks, burgers and hotdogs are what he does, and he surely does them well. I remember discovering one of my favorite burgers in town with a wow effect. That day was marked for life in my memory. 

I believe Mark is one of the first "street food" ambassadors in Lebanon, introducing a real American burger as he discovered it in the States along the Poutine du Quebec, which I adore. It's a small restaurant, a street food place down in Sil el Fil.


I was invited to check the smoker, chunks of meat smoked 10 hours in the kitchen, prepared the traditional way. I was so excited to eat, devouring those burgers.

  • Three kinds of poutine landed on the table: Smoked meat-covered fries with gravy, another plate of chili con carne and the third of hotdogs and grilled mushrooms. Thick fries soaked in their gravy. Mark produces his own cheese and he surely does it perfectly well.


  • Smoked meat: That's pure astonishment. A brisket sandwich, like Katz does it in New York? Oh my God, Marky's amazed me. Two slices of bread stuffed with sliced meat, dozens of layers, smoked for 10 hours or more with a fine spread of mustard. This meat needs 18 days of work and I will pay anything for it. An extremely tender, light pink meat that melts under the teeth while erupting with flavors and enjoyable fat. The bread, mustard and meat... Of man! A sandwich that's not to be missed! Try the homemade pickles, they rock!


  • Marky's also has smoked burgers. Smoked burgers served under a glass globe, some smoked with apple chips and others with hickory wood, maple or cherry. The same bun I always enjoy, prepared by a secret supplier, the tasty meat, sauces and complicated flavors that will make you fall in love with burgers again. It's a street food burger prepared to perfection. I had the Texas burger with its 150g beef patty smashed into sliced sweet onions, BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, homemade dill pickles, ketchup, mustard and mayo.


The only minus: I believe the Philly bread has to be changed because it spoils the experience.

Not only good burgers, but outstanding smoky beef. Marky's is still one of my favorite diners and burger joints in Lebanon. I encourage you to visit it.





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