April 14, 2014

Independent News from Around the World: One Portal has it All (Website Closed)

If you want to read some decent independent news nowadays, where would you go? With a country built on politics and ruled by various political thinking, every newspaper out there markets its side extensively, always pushing for their party in a positive way pulling you into liking them as well... I would suggest that you check out Lebanese Blogs. Seriously it's a place you will enjoy discovering, read and organize the latest posts from Lebanon's top bloggers, independent people who write their own opinion without masking any truth out. Facts are states as they are presented... About everything Lebanon and beyond.Image by Maze Solutions blog

What is Lebanese Blogs?

Lebanese Blogs is The best place to discover, read and organize the latest posts from Lebanon's top bloggers


Readers shouldn't waste their time searching for cool new Lebanese blogs and digging around for new posts. At the same time, bloggers shouldn't feel pressured to post everyday so that people read their posts. This website hopes to solve both these problems

How does this thing work?

Lebanese Blogs

There is a list of carefully chosen blogs that is constantly being updated. This is the basis for a feed fetching script that gathers the latest posts and stores them here for displaying

How are blogs chosen?

In order to provide the best and most relevant experience to readers, blogs that are indexed in Lebanese Blogs should satisfy some criteria. The blog has to be related to Lebanon and the blogger has to have a track record sustainable blogging.

NoGarlicNoOnions on Lebanese Blogs

Fashion & Style, Tech & Business, Society & Fun News, Food & Health, Advertising & Design... If you're wondering how many blogs Lebanon has or would like to follow a blog that writes about a particular interest, check out Lebanese Blogs.

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