August 21, 2017 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Homburger: A Concept Imported from the Sixties... (Restaurant Closed)


A new burger joint has opened in town. Homey burgers when nothing even feels homey and wait until you inhale the smoke of non-educated people coming to puff their cigars over your head. Open for a month or so, Homburger is your junk food experience with a homey feel, at least this is what they claim.

Located on Antelias' internal road, here comes a new burger joint. Inspired by the American culture, it has nothing homey to it... so let's taste and see.

The place:

  • Three high stools face the large glass facade where you can eat on a bar while checking the road.
  • A white space, decorated with a dozen photo of people eating burgers.
  • Low resolution posters add some color to the space.
  • White and red are the colors because Coca-Cola is the main sponsor facing a counter at the end of the restaurant.
  • Painted in black, the counter has a clear sign: "Like mama used to do".
  • I love the coke branding but surely not that Nestle ice cream fridge!

On the menu:

  • Mama's burger
  • US BBQ burger
  • Homburger
  • Cheese surprise
  • Mozzarella burger
  • Halloum burger
  • US BBQ chicken
  • Sweet and sour chicken
  • Mama's chicken
  • Light burger beef
  • Herbed mayo chicken
  • Canadian Poutine
  • French fries
  • Three desserts
  • Coca-Cola is everywhere!

The plate presentation: imagine a traditional basket, with an American fries carton box from the sixties, a plastic container for the coleslaw, a metallic fork -why the hell do you need a house fork?- a small plastic fries fork and two Heinz ketchup sachets. Shockingly inconsistent.


  • The Poutine: American style Poutine with cheddar and mozzarella on top of a mountain of fries and gravy. Crunchy fries, freshly made and seasoned with paprika tenderized by the sauce and loaded with melted cheese. Even though the sauce is too watery, canned mushroom look cheap and the plate doesn't fit the concept.
  • Now came the burgers... OMG! Burgers of the sixties when we are in the twenty first century. A thin bread you’d better eat as a grilled cheese sandwich, a lack of crunch, a lack of texture and a bizarre looking patty.
  • The patty is dramatically bad: is it a steak or a "kastaletta"? Very hard like Kebbeh, the meat is not something fit for a burger.
  • A lack of fat, a lack of juiciness, a lack of smoothness, the meat has to be changed.
  • The coleslaw is warm!
  • Fries are good enough.

It's a failing concept before it even started...







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