June 11, 2014 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Marky’s: Real American Burgers, Hotdogs and Phyllis (Restaurant Closed)

Phone Number: +961 3 677171

Address: Lebanon ( 08:00AM - 08:00PM)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Markyslb

Price Range: 8-25 $


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 8/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 27/30

Architecture / Interior: 7/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Value for money: Soon

Yes… Back to Marky’s for even more exquisite burgers… It's been a year since my last visit and I really miss what this place has to offer... always something knew to discover. I was in burger heaven when I heard that they have introduced an upscale version of Marky’s popular Poutine alongside five new burgers and that was not all... a piece of homemade baked cheesecake was the cherry on top.


Yes it has been a year already... A year where I have traveled, searched and tried to discover as many burgers places as I could, but here I am back to my favorite. Marky's still has a superb burgers. Expect to eat something juicy, fatty, messy and tasty at the same time.

Marky's is not a gourmet burger, Marky's is not a commercial diner burger, Marky's is not a fast food joint that serves synthetic burgers, Marky's is actually a place real American burger that will put a smile on your face.

And if you have tried their burger and didn't like them, then I'm sure you didn't understand what you're coming here to eat. (Check out the burger chart)

That said, I am still not sure why some people don't like Marky's that much, while others simply adore it. There's no middle ground. People either love or hate it.

To cover all the aspects of the story, I decided to order some burgers for delivery and see how things go. I called Marky's on a Thursday and passed to pick up a selection to go burgers and hotdogs. Take into consideration the road distance to Mansourieh and the preparations for dinner, we were 4 and had a pleasant meal. After that, I went back for dine-in, only to discover a newly introduced menu with more choices . We were 4 tonight and enjoyed a tasty meal.


The place is nice:

  • Ceramic brown wood-like tiles cover the floor
  • Wooden tables and chairs fill out the space on the lower and upper floor
  • The placer is relaxing, having a high ceiling
  • The counter faces the entrance with an open kitchen showing in the back
  • A long red bench follows the wall on the left, while a long cow design poster decorates it
  • A mustard/yellow paint covers the other walls fitted with a large LCD screen with many posters around
  • Some bricks decorate the place here and there
  • Over the counter, a metallic board hosts the menu and its details
  • The upper floor hosts more seating and the restrooms

The menu:

  • Sides/Poutines
  • Traditional philly cheesesteaks
  • Speciality philly cheesesteaks
  • Burgers
  • Hotdogs
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

Let's start by the appetizers:

  • Cheese Poppers: the recipe has changed and those poppers are different on all fronts. A thin battered layer, fried and non oily, enveloping the same homemade secret cheese used for the poutine. A slight crunch and you're in for a cheese treat


  • Onion Rings: When I heard my friend Cesar crunch into the first ring, I remembered the Lion King's chocolate ad that used to pass on TV a long time ago. I heard the crunch a meter away. Huge yet light rings that are beer battered and special. Crunch and feel the love. The onion stays in and doesn't go out completely. A bit oily but great in taste. It is special and never seen before in Lebanon. Not only that, it comes with some homemade sour cream.


  • Rio Grande Poutine: I love the simplicity of the cheese that feels like tofu, with a kind of richness that appears when mixed with the sauce. Crunchy homemade fries covered with a special mix. It all starts by the smells. Rich strong aromas that take you by storm. A layer of jalapeños, thin and juicy chicken, the cheese and finally the fries. All bathing in the unique poutine sauce. Subtle sweetness, subtle spiciness and many textures all mixed together perfectly. I loved the chicken quality so much that I forgot about the poutine itself. What a plate! A rich blend of premium ingredients that melts like butter under your teeth adding to that the slight spiciness and juiciness of the chicken… each cooked separately to perfection then mixed together to make this impetuous meal.

Markys_American_Burger_Mkalles_Lebanon55 BLT Hotdog: Chicago style bread, softer than that of the Philadelphia, toasted on the sides, hosts a fresh hotdog, vacuumed and not canned. With pickles, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, mustard and ketchup, you’ll finish this sandwich in six bites, leaving you with a hard decision: Should I order another one or try one more burger? It is small indeed but very tasty and reasonably priced. Fresh bun, crispy bacon, tender hotdog and some cheese... Markys_American_Burger_Mkalles_Lebanon56 Meet Marky’s burgers:

You have to close your eyes to enjoy each bite, or trust me they will do so on their own. The sensations are so strong that a mysterious explosion happens around your brain activating all your senses... you will feel like superman. Amalgams of flavors, well balanced and dosed enter your mouth to caress each and every palatal bud. A thin fluffy bun holds the juicy ground beef that has a beautiful texture, and some cheddar cheese, tomato, American pickles, ketchup and mayonnaise. The simplicity is what makes this burger so special. A big piece of creation that fulfills your eyes and activates all your senses even before touching it. Ten distinct layers of colors fill this round piece of art with the freshest ingredients, some of which are imported from the US, while others are freshly produced in-house on a daily basis:

  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • American pickles
  • Hotdog
  • Eggs
  • Swiss cheese
  • Ground beef
  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup
  • Bun

Ten premium high quality ingredients layered one on top of the other like a castle of cards. Clean and clear, ready to be devoured in seconds.

  • Molten Heart Burger: That’s not a burger for the faint hearted! Imagine 70 additional grams (200g meat) of Marky’s one of kind meat filled with three kinds of American cheese. When cheese is something you love in your burger at heart this is what you should order. A generously well packed party with rich meat. Yellow cheddar mix, the same Marky's meat and sesame bun. I loved the crunch of the pickle, the richness of the pepperoni blending well with the rest. Tomatoes add the freshness and sweetness needed. I didn't like the bun which was cold.


  • Big Boy: That's more of a marathon. A marathon around a jungle of flavors. The journey starts with a soft bun followed by crunchy vegetables than the grilled hotdogs erupt in joy until you reach the fried eggs mixed with melting cheese. All of this and you didn't touch the meat yet. A grilling taste of tender juicy meat makes this burger a dream come true. I love it even more now that I already did a year ago and here again: Amazement. That's a real American extravaganza.


Unique on all levels:

  • A thick 12cm burger, so perfect that it can be pressed with your fingers to the adequate eatable thickness of three fingers without spilling a single drop
  • Homemade, yes homemade in-house by Mark himself sweet American pickles
  • Fresh vegetables, cut thin adding just the right flavor
  • Swiss cheese, lighter and tastier than cheddar cheese
  • Fried, non oily eggs
  • Premium ground beef
  • The bun, not produced by Prunelle like almost all diners in town, is good. Covered with sesame, it contains enough yeast to be light. It melts under your palate without blocking the taste buds. Two thumbs up: non chewy, non spongy, not dry but fresh and tasty

The Texas Burger: Juicy with freshness moist feel. A slight crunch of the onions followed with a tasty caramelized and sweet taste accompanies the same perfectly cooked meat, cheddar cheese and American pickles. The fusion of meat, pepper, onions, crunchiness and softness will really put a satisfied smile on your face. This is not a simple burger but a gourmet creation. Maybe the juiciest of all burgers, the Texas invites you to close your eyes and feel all its ingredients. A juicy piece of meat, grilled onions, fresh vegetables and lots of barbecue sauce that add the sweetness to the burger.


Now for the desserts:

  • Chocolate mousse cake: Marky’s chocolate cake is a sin. Although, I was literally full, I couldn’t but cheat myself into having a bite or two. It’s not another diner’s average chocolate creamy cake, but a decent sweet sculpture piece.


  • NY Style baked cheesecake: Yum! Mouthwatering. Just the right feeling of cheese and the adequate sweetness.


To summarize, tonight's dinner was exquisite... This is the least I can say about my experience. I have been here a dozen times already and not one time was I disappointed. For those who don't like Marky's, I urge you to understand and know what you're coming to eat before you actually do... It will change your whole perception of the place... I hope you will feel the same when you visit.





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