January 01, 2016

Embrace Life... Happy New Year 2016

As this year comes to an end, we welcome a new one… 2015 was a prosperous year thanks to each and every one of you out there who trusted us, believed in what we’re doing and learned to embrace life the best way they know how.


Together hand in hand we have managed to survive all the negativity our country has been passing through… together we were and will be able to overcome any obstacle that may come our way… Only because we believe in our Lebanon, its energy and its love for life…

Thank you... You are one of 300,000 people who attended Souk el Akel, the weekly food market, which took place namely in Beirut as well as injecting some life in other parts of the country including Broumana, Aley, Zouk Mikael, Mar Mikhael and Byblos. You are proudly, part of the new food revolution happening in Lebanon.

Thank you for watching our Mechwar episodes. You have joined us on 50 journeys so far, 50 journeys around some of Lebanon’s most beautiful villages and cities rediscovering their hidden wonders.

Thank you for believing in The Box -1700 boxes have been distributed this year. More than 9,000 Mouneh products bought from 25 cooperatives, the bread and butter of 150 families. Each box contains outstanding discoveries including the works of local artisans and forgotten villages while bringing hope for many and finding jobs for hard-working women around rural areas.

Thank you for trusting our restaurant reviews, making the blog the 212th most visited page in Lebanon with 2,000,000 page views and the title of being Lebanon's most prolific blog of the year with 900 posts, and of course thank you for continuously liking our Instagram and Facebook posts; We have jumped from 15,000 followers to 57,000 followers in only 12 months.

2015 was a change, 2015 was a dream and because of you our mission came to life. You are the country they don't want us to be. Together... we are life, we are love, we are happiness, we are hope, we are the dream of a peaceful Lebanon.

In 2016, we will, hand in hand, try to make a difference in this changing world. Together we will embrace life...

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