May 10, 2016

Equia: Healthy Treats Made in Lebanon

I just received a breathtaking package of more than a dozen items. The brand is called Equia. The products look neat, packaging follows international standards and, proudly, the brand is Lebanese.


Having lots of products to taste, I scheduled them over the week. Rice cakes, bars, sugar syrup, corn flakes and much more. Everything looks nice. Sugar free, less fat and suitable for a diet and healthy living, this brand impressed me before even tasting it.

Visiting Dubai for GulFood, I meet the brand again. A stand filled with products, probably a hundred of them, anything your kitchen or children would need. I tried many which left me impressed.

Corn flakes, rice cakes, chocolate bits, kaak, Semsmiyyeh and more. You probably want to visit their website for the whole list. 

Rice cakes and the chocolate rice cakes are my favorite and we already distributed them in two of our boxes. I honestly rarely had a product as good as this one that was made in Lebanon. Crunchy rice with a layer of intense chocolate. Swiss made chocolate with 38% of cocoa and no added sugar. Delicious indeed.

Wait until you've tried their Jams with no sugar added or their healthy chocolate spread. Two thumbs up!

I'm happy to have discovered this brand. They're sold at supermarkets around the city.

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