January 20, 2019 Prague Czech Republic Europe

Erste Premiere Lounge; Prague Airport Terminal 2

Located in the third floor of Terminal 2, the “Erste Premiere Lounge” welcomes business class travelers and Priority Pass cardholders. Looking like a nightclub, the lounge is bizarre. Vast and decorated with some greenery, space is divided into two sections each equipped with a bar.


Check-in and choose a side. The lounge feels dimmed and darkly decorated with curtains coming down from the ceiling exactly like a nightclub. Black, silver and reflective materials, leather sofas and private chairs where one can relax before a flight.

Food choices: carrots and cucumbers, bagels, cheeses, and cold cuts, yogurt and olives, cheese omelet and boiled eggs, fruits, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks.

There’s nothing exceptional about this lounge; I preferred going back down to the terminal for a coffee at COSTA and a sandwich at Paul.


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