September 17, 2019 Istanbul Turkey Middle East

Esmer Chef: Fresh Street Food Pasta in Istanbul
Non-smokers friendly
Lunch Escape

Some of the blog’s readers recommended “Esmer Chef.” Pizza, pasta, salads, international cuisine and everything in between, the casual fast food has several branches of which one on Taksim street. Fresh pasta, spaghetti displayed in front of the open kitchen facing the road. A pizza oven, walls of bricks, traditional flooring, and wooden tables. The restaurant looks nice, but not too clean.


On the menu, an international diner the “Cheesecake Factory style” but the main item is pasta. One chef at the entrance manages to do all pasta and pizza orders. I stood next to him while he works.

Good food is served here! Despite the chaotic kitchen and tourists feel, the food at Esmer Kitchen is indeed good! I’ve rarely enjoyed pasta cooked so perfectly well and risotto that’s hard, cooked al dente and enjoyable. Pizza, thin and crunchy, is also very good. I enjoyed the flavors, the aromas, and ingredients of my three plates.


A good recommendation and lunch my wife and I enjoyed.

Esmer Chef:

Suitable For: Lunch Escape


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