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Fair Trade Lebanon: Supporting Lebanese Farmers in Remote Areas

Set off in the sixties with the motto «Trade, not aid», fair trade aims to establish trading relations that agree to all, from producer to consumer. Nowadays, it is frequently associated with the High Quality Environmental standard.
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Fair trade is based on the following principles:
  • Ensure a fair remuneration for the most disadvantaged producers and artisans, allowing them to meet their basic needs: health, education, housing, social welfare.
  • Guarantee the fundamental rights of persons (denial of child exploitation, forced labor, slavery...)
  • Establish direct, sustained and transparent relations between economic partners.
  • Promote environmental preservation.
  • Provide consumers with quality products.
Hence, fair trade aims on creating and promoting conditions that enable the poorest farmers to develop their own profitable and sustainable business by providing them with a fair and direct access to markets, without any speculative intermediaries. As for consumers, fair trade gives them the opportunity to make a responsible purchase of quality products, in accordance with their values.
Fair Trade Lebanon is born out of the will of a few Lebanese to change the lives of the most disadvantaged people in rural Lebanon. Having noticed an under-employed agricultural potential as well as some unique traditional skills in the regions, they chose fair trade as a means of building export opportunities for small producers and for food-processing cooperatives.
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In 2005, a contact was established with a French importer, Artisanat Sel, who had agreed to accompany the adventure. This initial partnership was, in fact, very decisive for the establishment of the Fair Trade Lebanon association, officially founded in March 2006.
Ambassador of the Lebanese regional specialities, olive oil is recognized as the "flagship" product of Fair Trade Lebanon. Available in an array of oils flavored with various Mediterranean herbs, it symbolizes the constant pursuit of quality of Lebanese producers and carries the message of peace and dialogue of our country.
In September 2012, during the regional meeting of the WFTO-Africa held in Tanzania, Fair Trade Lebanon was elected to be a member of the board of WFTO-Africa.
Today, Fair Trade Lebanon is the leading actor of fair trade in Lebanon. The association goal is to become a unifying network of domestic producers (cooperatives and small family farms) willing to participate in the dynamics of fair trade.
  • Huile d'olive vierge
  • Huile d'olive au piment
  • Huile d'olive à l'origan
  • Olives vertes aux aromates
  • Olives noires aux aromates
  • Boulgour brun épais
  • Lentilles corail
  • Pois chiches
  • Sésame entier
  • Amandes décortiquées
  • Pignons de pins
  • Raisins secs
  • Écorces d'oranges amères au sirop
  • Dattes et amandes au sirop
  • Aubergines et amandes au sirop
  • Confiture de figues extra au sésame
  • Figues entières au sirop
  • Dés de citrouille au sirop
  • Sirop d'abricot
  • Sirop de mure
  • Sirop de rose
  • Menthe sauvage
  • Verveine et menthe
  • Hysope
  • Sauge
  • Rose phénicienne
  • Langue d'oiseau
  • Fleur d'origan
  • Violette
  • Zaatar : mélange méditerranéen
  • Sumac
  • Câpres sauvages surfines
  • Fleur de sel aux cinq aromates
  • Pur jus de pomme fermenté
  • Pur jus de raisin fermenté
  • Ketchup
  • Eau de fleur d'oranger
  • Eau de rose
  • Blé grillé salé
  • Fleur d'origan
  • Préparation pour houmous
  • Tomates séchées à l'huile d'olive
  • Mélasse de caroube
  • Mélasse de raisin
  • Pâte de pruneau en spirale
  • Feuilles de vigne en saumure
  • Feuilles de vigne à sec
  • Savon à l'huile d'olive pure
  • Savon à l'huile d'olive et laurier
DT restaurant 1 Where to find Fair Trade Lebanon products?
  • AssahaMar Takla, Hazmieh; Tel: 05 457 484; pictures of the stand available on the blog
  • Caliprix: Maameltein highway; pictures of our stand available
  • TSC: Verdun, Jnah, Downtown, Dora, Baabda
  • Online selling:Terroirs du Liban products are sold on internet via Lebanonmart; delivered to your house through DHL
  • Artisanat SEL in France, Tel : +33 4 37 48 01 33
  • El Puente in Germany,  Tel : +49 506 934 890
  • Ethic Valley in France, Tel : + 33 3 23 54 67 48
  • Artisans du Monde in France, Tel : + 33 1 43 60 11 50
Fair Trade Lebanon Achievements:
  • Member of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) since September 2010 and First Lebanese member to earn this certification after two years of monitoring
  • 52 products marketed under the brand “Terroirs du Liban”
  • 14 partners: food-processing cooperatives and 350 independent farmers
  • Direct beneficiaries: 631 individuals ; 52% women
  • Indirect beneficiaries: 3155 individuals
  • 3 important markets: supplying to France, Canada and Germany.
  • First pioneer and FT actor in Lebanon: today you can purchase the products at Caliprix, O&C, ASSAHA…
  • Constant awareness raising strategies: conferences in universities, forums, advocacy
fairtrade Terroirs du Liban:
  • +9615952153
  • [email protected]
  • Hazmieh, Hourani center, St Elie street, Facing Mekhitaristes School
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