May 01, 2020 Lebanon Middle East

LEBANON: 85 Marvelous Photos from Above. Discover Wonderland by Drone

I’m sure you never knew how beautiful Lebanon is! Today I share my Lebanon, your Lebanon, our Lebanon, hoping everyone will look at it with fresh eyes, and start taking care of this marvelous land. (check all the photos below in the photo gallery)


My drone has been flying over beautiful Lebanon for the last four years, filming, photographing, and capturing wonderland. Enjoy, remember, and act!


Country of four seasons, where the sun shines 300 days a year. Land of 1500 villages and different habits, living together in harmony. Lebanon has the Middle East’s biggest and most beautiful ski resorts, the sexiest beaches, the happiest party places, the most exciting nature adventures and the list goes on and on. No country on earth is as complete as Lebanon, as perfect as Lebanon... only the ones who deserve it are allowed to stay...


Family values, friendship, happiness, calm living... city life, village vibes, countryside or business quarters; in Lebanon, the balance of life is unmatched. Drive on the coats, climb up the hills, experience joy, and feel your senses tremble. “Lebanon is not a touristic country, Lebanon is an experience for the five senses”.


Are you ready for Lebanon 2021? Pencil your schedule, plan your trip... because you don’t want to miss #Lebanon2021! Something big is going to happen!


Lebanon is currently known for its food, art, history, education, beaches, restaurants, and parties among others. If there's anything that Lebanon should be known for, it's diversity. Over the top, the beauty of DIVERSITY.


Lebanon, the super-sized country, is small to an extend, that you can visit almost every important part of it in less than a week. Rich in content and history, Lebanon is guaranteed to satisfy all kinds of tourists; archeology, history, party, entertainment, nature, sightseeing... Lebanon has it all!


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