December 21, 2021

Famous Bajan Cuisine To Try During Your Vacation

If you’re taking a trip to Barbados, remember to make time between golfing and scuba diving to experience the wide array of incredible food on the island!

There’s plenty to see, explore, and love during a vacation in Barbados. It’s the Bajan cuisine, however, that allows visitors to experience the island’s long history, rich culture, and incredible people even during the briefest stays. Here are just a few examples of famous Bajan cuisine to try during your vacation on this incredible Caribbean island.

Flying Fish

Flying fish play a key role in Bajan cuisine, so there’s far more than one way to prepare it on the island. However, the national dish best represents the heart and soul of Barbados: flying fish and cou-cou. Cou-cou, a grits-like mixture of cornmeal and okra, offers a soft, pleasant addition to the lime juice-marinated flying fish filets. Both are served under a flavorful creole sauce that adds warmth and perfects the dish!

Pudding and Souse

Pudding and souse is absolutely iconic to Barbados, as it’s the traditional Saturday lunch of the people who live there. Pudding and souse is a combination of delicate pickled pork shoulder and grated, seasoned sweet potato. The resulting dish is both refreshing and filling—perfect for the weekend.

However, you may not find pudding and souse at every restaurant. If you’re looking to find this dish, seek out small, local diners and support Barbadian business owners while you eat.

Jug Jug

Jug jug is a dish you can spot in Barbados around the holiday season alongside the island’s black cake and sorrel, a spiced, stunning red beverage. Scottish settlers brought the foundations of this recipe to the island. Many fans of international cuisine might consider jug jug similar to the haggis that inspired it.

However, the Barbadian people have changed the age-old mixture to include different proteins (including meatless options), new textures, and delightful amounts of seasoning. Visitors in December have the easiest time getting to taste this unique dish!

These three examples are the first pieces of famous Bajan cuisine to try during your vacation, but the island has so many more meals to offer! In fact, a number of the island’s holidays and festivals focus on celebrating the culinary culture of the island. With these food festivals happening year-round, Barbados is well worth returning to for a chance to try something new each visit.

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