October 10, 2013

Fashionable Finger Food

Food and art go hand in hand and there are creative people out there using their passion for food in what they do...

SouZou means Creation Through Imagination. The designer expresses:

"People have asked me about my rings and why I make them and basically they are the combination of my love of food, my love of making things and my love of unique jewelry! Plastic food is really popular here in Japan. Exact in likeness, life-size replicas are used to advertise the food outside many restaurants and lure the customers in. This idea of plastic food just caught my imagination and when I found mini versions I had an ah-ha! moment and just was taken by inspiration!
I think that people 'eat with their eyes' in most cases and the Japanese seem to be especially aware of this. In Japan, when food is served, not only is it arranged in a certain way to show off the different colors and qualities but also the choice of plate or dish is very important.
I consider this as I put together the wood, Japanese chiyogami paper, pottery shards, clay and small plastic food pieces that make up my rings and other jewelry."
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