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Fauchon: A Golden Luxury Eclair at Mall of the Emirates
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Pink is the main color that takes over the space where golden luxury eclairs are offered - Fauchon at Mall of the Emirates. I had a bad experience at Fauchon Beirut where the service was average and the pastries were less than average.  During my visit in Dubai, I stopped at Fauchon in Mall of the Emirates and thankfully the experience was excellent.


I love their chocolate, their mini biscuits and many other items that I was introduced to at Fauchon in Paris’s airport and wanted to relive the experience the right way...

Led lights, pink tables and carpets and staff wearing black clothes… it was nice, although the lights and colors of the space made it hard for me to take some good pictures.

Let’s indulge…


A Vanilla Eclair that looks like a simple vanilla éclair yet it is intense in flavor. Three layers of puff pastry, two thick layers of pastry cream with decorative Fauchon chocolate. Flaky dough, full bodied cream and light sweetness. It is a mouthwatering delicious Mille feuille.

Golden Luxury Eclair is the city on a plate. Gold covered éclair with bits of sticky salted caramel and mocha cream. A yummy piece of cake. You can taste the luxury in an eclair that oozes finesse and style. Delicious!


Charlotte Six Fraises is a creamy strawberry mousse with strawberry chunks in red cake. One can't deny that it's good but not my style at all.

Three cakes, a delicious outcome, and pastries I recommend. I wish I could say the same for the ones in Lebanon.





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