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Kitchen 6: Restaurant of a Thousand Choices
Morning Delights

Breakfast at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai is something I'll remember for a long time. Breakfast takes place at Kitchen 6 - a huge restaurant located on the first floor. 'Number 6' stands for the six live cooking stations that offer up a wide choice from Indian food, American favorites, waffles and omelettes, to hot and cold preparations and much much more. Walking around the huge space you are surrounded with professional staff and close to a hundred tables. It is a pure pleasure to be there - impressive is the least that can be said to describe it.


A hostess welcomes you into the space and asks you where you would like to be seated. You are free to travel the world's cuisines through the different stations' endless choice of food, colorful preparations, beautifully lit stations and pleasing vibes...Follow your taste buds and you'll feel a smile being drawn immediately upon your face!

Cereals and five different yogurt mixes, more than thirty hot dishes, a section dedicated to fresh juices, eggs Benedict ready to be grabbed, Danish pastries and several Indian stations, salmon, an endless choice of fruits, desserts, oriental food, cheese and Labneh, English breakfast... everything you could imagine is available!

I'm really impressed by the restaurants at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai. A rich breakfast space, a superb cafe, the exquisite dinner service and now I experience the excellent lunch service. 6 kitchens, endless choice, cuisine from all around the world, from shawarma to Indian, fruits and vegetables, spices and freshly cooked dishes, they even have a dedicated sushi section. I hope the photos speak for themselves as writing the choices would have taken me a whole day.


Good sushi, soy sauce and ginger served next to wooden chopsticks. The oriental section is handled by chefs from our region and this applies to all other cuisines. Every cuisine is managed by a connoisseur from the place of its origin. Freshly made tacos, freshly cut meats, grilled chicken and a hundred choices of dessert.

This morning breakfast was great and now lunch - the size of the operation and choices of food will leave you impressed.

It's called Kitchen 6 and it's located inside the JW Marriott Dubai.

Suitable For: Morning Delights





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