June 17, 2018 New York USA Americas

Flying Business with Delta from Terminal 4 at JFK Airport
Non-smokers friendly

The experience is different from start to end; it starts at the terminal where a dedicated Sky Priority corner welcomes business class passengers; it follows you through security check-in with a business class dedicated line before reaching the main terminal. Having for hub the JFK airport, flying Delta makes you feel special. I’ve traveled through terminal 7 with British Airlines and found it to be dramatically and illogically unacceptable, the AirFrance terminal is small with little choices of shopping but a wide business lounge and today traveling with Delta. Terminal 4 is huge and loaded with passengers.


A diverse choice of restaurants and shopping ideas accompany you around the terminal before reaching the lounge; Delta’s lounge is immense and completely occupied by thousands of travelers leaving today on international flights around the planet.

Terminal 4 is one of the largest, most spacious terminals in the New York area. More than 30 international and domestic airlines carry millions of passengers annually. Regarded as `The Terminal of Choice', in January 2015 the facility completed the second phase of a major expansion project for Delta Airlines which added additional capacity and state-of-the-art technology. Travelers benefit from a commitment to passenger service.


I ended up taking more than 200 photos of the lounge and alleys so you know what to expect on your next flight through this terminal. 


Shake Shack, Dunkin Donuts, Caviar House, Starbucks, Buffalo Wild Wings, Camden food Co. And the Apothecary are some of the choices available. Major luxury brands can also be found.

Up in the lounge; you can shower, grab a bite, sit at the bar for a drink and browse the very fast internet. Choose to sit in the business corner, on a sofa, at a table or by the seats facing the tarmac.


Terminal 4's expansive Retail Hall offers a wide range of retail options from chic, upscale boutiques featuring the hottest fashions of Coach, Hugo Boss, and Michael Kors to travel brands Tumi and Longchamp. On Terminal 4's A and B concourses shoppers can enjoy a world of duty-free fragrance, cosmetics, wines, liquor, and tobacco. From convenience stores selling books to full-service spas, offerings of world-famous chocolates, electronics, leather accessories and gifts, there is something for everyone.

I’m a fan of Delta; I love their attention to details and their respect to the customer. The food they serve onboard, the Tumi amenities kit and the clean pillow are some of the many things that make me want to travel with them again and again.





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