October 25, 2019 Germany Europe

Food at The Zoo in Berlin is Good!
Family Get Together

Sometimes you find good food in the least expected places, and one of them is the Zoo in Berlin. Commercial, touristic, and loaded with kids on a Sunday, enjoying a pleasant lunch was not on my list. Pass around the food display, choose your favorite items, pay at the counter, and walk to your desired table: good quality sausages, crispy battered fish filet, chicken schnitzel, and a load of French fries. 


I’m not sure if I need to elaborate more; that’s a simple review for you to know that you can spend the whole day at the Zoo and enjoy good food. We arrived at the Zoo at eleven in the morning, left at five in the afternoon without finishing the tour. The kids loved it, my wife and I had fun, leaving happy and satisfied.


When in Berlin, visiting the Zoo is a must!

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Suitable For: Family Get Together


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