July 11, 2013

Food Huggers: Protecting Your Food

When you cut half a fruit or vegetable and want to save the other half, you often find yourself covering the cut space with a plastic wrap. Food Huggers have come up with a brilliant idea. A new way of preserving the freshness of leftover produce. Colorful and in many colors.


Designed by Adrienne Mcnicholas and Michelle Ivankovic, the product addresses the need to prolong the shelf life of our fruits and vegetables in the form of reusable 100% FDA silicone (BPA and phalate free) covers which can easily be popped over the remaining half of your apples, onions, peppers etc., creating a seal which locks in their natural juices and moisture.

can toppers

They can also be used to cover open cans, protecting the food inside  from spoiling.

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