March 08, 2016

Freeze That in 10 Minutes

Are you tired of waiting for water to freeze? Running out of dessert ideas? Dislike the terrible odor that your ice cubes absorb from the refrigerator? No more wasting time on ice making. FreezTHAT! is said to be the best solution!

ice-cube-tray_070316_05 Re-thinking the traditional ice cube tray, a team of designers at THAT! Inventions ended up designing FreezTHAT!, a tray with a unique shape that has cooling fluid sealed within it’s flexible, silicone body... the ice cube tray that freezes liquids in 10 minutes.


You can make your own ice cube creations out of fruit, drink mix, or even hot chocolate. Its unique triangular shape makes artistic decoration for your dessert! Grab FreezTHAT! and get started with these flavorful ideas!

Categories: Food Gadgets


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