March 31, 2014

Magnum Celebrates with a Dress That's Yummy to Eat...

Magnum turned 25 this year, and the ice cream company is celebrating in a very tasty and fashionable way. Fashion designer, Henry Holland has teamed up with Magnum to design a one-off 1960s-inspired dress in celebration of the ice cream brand's birthday. A team of expert chocolatiers spent more than 100 hours perfecting the creation, which is equal to the amount of chocolate found on 833 Magnum Classic ice creams. henry_holland_magnum_01
“I’ve never even made anything in brown, so this really is unique,” commented the designer. “The inspiration for the dress came from the first bite of a Magnum, when the chocolate cracks revealing the ice cream underneath. I wanted to create an exquisite piece covered with embellishment that reflected the cracking chocolate and the layers of outer shell and hidden center.”

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