August 23, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Tonight I Went to Abou Jihad After Reading Your Review

Tonight, I went to Abou Jihad after Anthony's recommendation.

The experience was great.

I ordered:

  • Hummus bi lahmeh (delicious!!! I loved it cause it doesn't have this lemony after taste and no garlic!!)


  • Wara2 enab (the leaves were a little bit thick but the overall taste was good)


  • Tebleh nayye (delicious but like you said a bit thick but loved it)


  • Kabab khechkhash (tender and juicy exquisite!)
  • Fattouch with debs el remmen (fell in love!!! Waw waw! )


Will come back for the hummus and fattuch and kabab!! By the way the service is great very attentive at the same time they dnt over do it plus a very clean restaurant. Two thumbs up! However kebab plate came with 4 skewers not 5 Thank you for this wonderful recommendation. I enjoyed dinner so much.

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