January 03, 2014 Lebanon Middle East

2013: Best Lebanese Cuisine Restaurants in Lebanon

Lebanese food is always a favorite. The country boasts a huge number of restaurants and each one has something special to offer - their food, their service, their variety, their interior design... while some serve authentic Lebanese cuisine, others serve Lebanese food with a twist while others are simply enjoyed for their sophistication and high-end experience - and the latter is what I have usually enjoyed the most. I have tried dozens of places this year and here's my list of favorites this year.  I have to mention here that I am aware that there is a large number of great places out there like Le Phoenicien, Burj El Hamam, Casino Arabi among many others; which I will be visiting in 2014 for detailed reviews. NoGarlicNoOnions_Top10_Restaurant_Reviews_Lebanon Tawlet: A New Surprise Every Time I Go Tawlet. I have written about this place a few times already, but every time I think no matter what I say, I realize that it’s never enough. I try to visit the restaurant as much as I can and often times I try  to go there with new friends. I want more people to know, »more… Tawlet59_Bel_Leil_Night_Dinner Al-Halabi Restaurant, Antelias Al-Halabi, one of the oldest Lebanese restaurants in Lebanon and one of the few who restaurants that have continued on providing the same quality, taste and service for the past decades. Whenever I think of going out for lunch on Sundays; Al Halabi is the first place that comes to mind. Its location is easy »more… Al_Halabi_Antelias_Lebanese_Restaurant56 Fouad Khalil’s Authentic Lebanese Food: History in the Making

I truly hope I will be able to describe my experience at the one and only Fouad. Giving justice to a place and finding the right words to describe is hard, especially when the overall experience is truly amazing. But I will try… At Fouad the experience is unique on many levels: An extraordinary welcoming, superb »more… Fouad_Restaurant_Hrajel087

Mhanna Sur Mer, Maintains its Title of Excellence

Mhanna sur Mer is one of those places you walk into and gush with amazement and leave feeling happy… The whole experience is all about perfection! Last year’s dinner was breathtaking giving Mhanna a 91/100 grade. Now this year’s was even better… I’ve been to Mhanna Sur Mer six times already and every time I »more… Mhanna_Sur_Mer_Seafood_Amchit85

Restaurant Chebli: Enjoy a Hearty Lunch with the Family

By now surely you’re all aware of my infatuation towards Chebli and its tasty food. I’ve been there several times already and every time I enjoy the place more and more. I’m always amazed by the unique taste this restaurant has handed over from one generation to another… Chebli restaurant in Naas, just a few »more… Chebli_Naas32 Babel Never Ceases to Amaze Me Every Time
I have expressed my admiration for Babel restaurant a few times already, but my admiration has grown stronger after I recently witnessed a successful gathering hosting 320 dentists during the annual Lebanese University Congress Gala Dinner. The experience always starts the minute you walk into the grandiose Babelish castle with three different levels. The whole ambiance »more… Babel_Dbayeh_Gala_Dinner65

Abou Jihad: Serving Premium Lebanese Meat & Mezze Since 1962

For half a century Abou Jihad still stands strong in Jaledib. Just saying half a century alone makes you realize how authentically professional Abou Jihad is…otherwise it would have collapsed decades ago… Since 1962, Nabil Abou Jaoude, aka Abou Jihad started as a Kabab specialist and grew to become a popular place for many. On »more… Abou_Jihad_Restaurant_Lebanon45 Chez Sami: The Seafood Specialist
Chez Sami, a renowned Lebanese Seafood restaurant located on the Maameltein highway has been know to serve premium quality seafood for the last couple of decades or so. Chez Sami is a family business owned and operated by the Rizkallah family. Seafood is the speciality of the restaurant “Chez Sami”located about 20 km North of Beirut. The »more… Chez_Sami_Seafood_Restaurant_Maameltein_Lebanon11

Al Balad Dbayeh: Try their Set Menu

I don’t know why a lot of people don’t like Al Balad and many of these people are actually my close friends. Is it because they have had bad experiences at their Sahel Alma branch or maybe their Downtown Beirut branch? I really am not sure and personally like it a lot. I have visited »more… AL_Balad_Restaurant_Dbayeh_Blueberry_Square27 Back to Babel, the Sea Fortress of Amchit
One month later and I am back at Babel Bahr, the new lighthouse illuminating Amchit. After my first positive experience at this restaurant, I wanted to impress my foreign friends from Korea and Lithuania with what Lebanon has to offer – a grandiose architecture and tasty food. Yes, an impressive lighthouse with a unique grandiose »more… Babel_Bahr_Restaurant_Seafood_Amchit106 Kroum Ehden: A Boutique Resort Hosting a Unique Restaurant, AL Matbokh
How enchanting it is to be able to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy one of Lebanon’s beautiful towns. Driving up to Ehden, a northern gem, you’re welcomed into a unique set up called Kroum Ehden. A vast land of 140,000sqm nestled amidst a forest… This boutique resort is a must see. Kroum »more…





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