February 28, 2020

10 Foods You Should Stop Eating Together

You might think food is food, and that any combination or mix is perfectly fine. However, there are certain types of foods and categories you should probably avoid eating at the same time. Throughout the text, we are going to discover the 10 foods that you should stop eating together, which can help you avoid having an upset stomach have an overall healthy diet.

A Healthy Diet 

Nutritionists always emphasize the importance of eating well and exercising. Both are essential for overall health and fitness. As we focus on food today, we also want to highlight the importance of working out. Adding physical activity for a healthy weight on a daily basis will benefit you in many ways. From cardio to leg workouts or and even yoga, keeping up with your fitness is important.


While there are certain foods that mix well, there are many that you should stop eating together. For example, if you happen to mix bananas which are a sweet fruit with acidic ones such as grapefruit, you might experience digestion problems. Moreover, your stomach might find it difficult to break down these foods when ingested at the same time. As a result, you might feel some discomfort after eating. Therefore, one example of the 10 foods you should stop eating together would include acidic fruits with sub-acidic or sweet fruits.

Here are the different categories of fruit according to their acidity:

Acidic fruits: lemons, pineapples, pomegranates, grapes, blueberries, oranges, peaches, etc.

Sub-acidic fruits: berries, mangoes, pears, sweet apples, cherries, apricots, etc.

Sweet fruits: bananas, red grapes, guava, sweet pears or apples, figs, dates, etc.

In addition, fruits such as watermelon or cantaloupe have a high percentage of water which means that our stomach digests these fruits a lot faster. Combining these with any fruits mentioned above will result in issues with digestion. Hence, another example of the 10 foods to not combine together would include melons, which have a high water content, with any other fruit or vegetable.

Veggies & Fruits

Just like different types of fruits digest and break down their particles within different speeds, so do vegetables. Therefore, the third food you should not eat together is a mix of vegetables with fruits or vice versa. The reason we say so is that fruits have a higher sugar content. Also, because fruits can technically digest faster than a vegetable might, the sugar content can also affect overall digestion and cause stomach discomfort or pain. Moreover, if you happen to eat a carrot with an orange, the attempt of digestion of the two might result in heartburn or acid or bile reflux. Hence, it might be a good idea to eat these at different times to avoid any discomfort.

Starches & Protein

Another combination of foods you should avoid is starches and protein. Why? The reason is that foods with a high starch or carbohydrate content need alkaline to be broken down, whereas protein food requires a more acidic environment. Therefore, eating fish with potatoes might cause your stomach a bit of difficulty throughout digestion as it won't be able to approach the breakdown of all foods at the same time. Avoid bloating and gas by not eating carbs with animal protein.

Protein Squared

Next on our list of 10 foods to stop eating together would be 2 types of food which are both high in protein. While you can certainly use protein to help you tone your arms fast, there is such a thing as too much protein. For example, you might be used to eating eggs and bacon for breakfast, but how good is that for you after all? Due to the fact that both contain a lot of protein, it will take your digestive system a lot of time to break down these foods. Try to avoid this by combining your high protein food with something lower in protein, or eat with breaks in between.

Drinking while Eating

Has your grandma ever told you not to drink your water or juice when eating? Mine for sure has! Number six on this list is just that! If you drink juice or water when consuming a meal, what happens is that this liquid will dilute the acid in your stomach, therefore lowering its effect to breakdown the foods that you consume. If anything, drink water or juice at least 10 minutes before you eat. It can help avoid overeating too!

Meals with Fruit

It might be delicious, but having mango with your meat is another combination on our list of 10 foods to avoid eating together. The sugar content from the fruit that you consume could start to ferment or foam within your system, causing other foods to be digested much slower. Therefore, a bad combination overall.

Fruit & Dairy

As we discuss combinations of different foods to avoid, next on the list is fruit and yogurt. Why is this a not-so-good combo? The bacteria from the yogurt will have a reaction to the sugar from the fruit. Possible outcomes include colds and allergies. If you are a big fan of this combination, a good idea or substitute for it would be unflavoured yogurt with the addition of cinnamon, honey or dried fruit such as raisins.

Moreover, a mix of banana with milk is another food combination to avoid. Whether it's a milkshake or a protein smoothie, both foods are heavy on the stomach and do not react well together. However, if you find it difficult to stay away from this combo as you really like it, adding a bit of cinnamon might make it easier to digest.

Tomatoes & Carbs

Last but not least on our list of 10 foods you should stop eating together is tomatoes with your pasta. The acid from the tomatoes will affect the enzymes in the pasta and will solidify any cheese in addition. An overall bad combination as it is very hard to digest.

10 Foods to Avoid Eating Together

Learning what foods to eat together and which ones to avoid will always benefit you. No one likes or enjoys being bloated or feeling discomfort after eating. Therefore, having this information above will help you and your stomach down the road. Simply by going through this article will help you discover some things you might not have known. All in all, be aware and eat healthy!

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