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Trattoria Di Mike's, Montreal: Restaurant Since 1967
Casual Dining

Rue St catherine is one of Montreal's busiest places all through the year. After a long day all we needed was a good cosy place and Trattoria Di Mike's, also known as Mike's, was our choice. 

Entering the restaurant, we couldn't but notice the waiters welcoming us with a wide smile and amicable way. Joel, our waiter for the evening showed us to our table and gave us the menu. Few minutes later, he came back and asked for our order… the place was crowded, we thought we were going to wait forever to get our food.. but fortunately, it did not take long… the order was fast, we even had an extra basket of fries for free. The Salad was not very tasty, the vegetables did not seem fresh, but the rolls were fruity and light, the onion rings were delicious, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The place was so welcoming that we were not at all in a hurry to leave.  Mike's is well known for its fondant which we highly recommend. Mikes menu includes a range of pizzas, pasta, sandwiches along with other exclusive italian specialties such as the famous Gondolas, haven't tried but we sure will the next time we go there. The christmas songs put us in that joyful mood before christmas. The music was just loud enough that we could still manage to have a conversation with our friends without getting annoyed.

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