August 25, 2015 Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

Furn Challita: Tasteless Kaak in Zouk Mikael

On the road up to Antoura is a bakery that prepares all kinds of Kaak including  the round one called "Asrouniyeh". Take the left side of the Zouk Mikael highway and you'll find it... I was hoping to taste something delicious, maybe like the kaak found at Abou Arab... But...


We went in and asked for three kaaks, each with a different filling. One employee comes back in from his cigarette break and without washing his hands started preparing our order.

Picon: Heated and toasted, the kaak is filled with Picon, this commercial cheese many enjoy, especially the young. Generously filled with Picon, the dough is tender but it lacks flavor. I expected a hint of salt, an intense flavor somehow but instead you feel like eating a bread stuffed with cheese.


Accawi: My favorite at Abou Arab is stuffed with Accawi cheese, melted Accawi cheese sprinkled with zaatar. The dough is a bit chewy, lacks crunchiness and the same dull taste. 

Kashkawan: Too little sesame on the dough, melted cheese but also, absolutely no taste.

Abou Arab covers the kaak with salt which makes all the difference.

Other than the taste of food, no gloves are used, staff leaves the kitchen for a cigarette then comes back to handle the kaak without washing hands...

A deceiving experience. Not to be repeated.





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