July 18, 2019 Shouf Lebanon Middle East

Furn el Mouallem: Traditional Bread and Mankish in Mokhtara
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What makes a Manoucheh even more unique than a conventional one, is when it’s baked using the dough of standard Lebanese bread. One of three bakeries I know other than Al Zahaa in Jezzine and Al Naddaf in Saida is Al Mouallem in Mokhtara. The bakery has been operating for more than forty-five years selling bread to the surrounding villages. Grab a bag, enjoy a Manoucheh, and meet the two brothers.


They tell you stories about their history and their unique location in the castle of Mokhtara. In the afternoon, they leave the door open for anyone to grab their need of bread, leaving money on the table.

I love their Manoucheh, fluffy, fresh and made with natural zaatar from the village we call “Baladi” in our local language.


It has become a ritual to visit Al Mouallem for Manoucheh and Saleem for Labneh every time I visit this historic village. Watch the videos and plan your next visit.

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