September 02, 2015 Shouf Lebanon Middle East

Al Barouk: The Chouf Cedar Reserve and its Surroundings

Barouk (Arabic: الباروك‎) is a village in the Chouf District of Lebanon. Historically, the village is known for being the "land of good", because of its fountain (Nabeh-el-Barouk). The poet Rachid Nakhleh, the writer of the national hymn (kulluna lel watan), was born in Barouk. The village is also famous for its apples and other fruits, and for its many forests such as pine trees and oak trees which are well known in Lebanon. Barouk is crowned by its mountain "Jabal el Barouk" that stands 1943 m above sea level. The mountain also has the largest natural reserve in Lebanon, the Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve, and contains the oldest and most elegant cedar forest in Lebanon, the " Cedrus libani ". That cedar is considered, among with other cedar forests, the real Cedars of Lord "Arz el Rab."

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