August 15, 2015

Garlic Shaker: Peeled Garlic in Seconds

Garlic Shaker is said to be the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to peel garlic. After 3 years of thoughtful design this is expected to be a revolutionary product in the kitchen!


1- Break up an entire head of garlic. Separate and remove all of the cloves from the rest of the material. Put the cloves into your Garlic Shaker®. Close the lids. Get excited! There are many ways to prepare garlic. They all require peeling the garlic first.  

2- Shake it up vigorously for 10-30 seconds. Garlic Shaker® is a garlic peeling machine! Each clove is peeled and ready to use. The nutritional and health benefits of garlic are on their way!  

3- Open a lid on your Garlic Shaker®. Pour out the entire head of garlic. Each peeled garlic clove is now free of its skin and ready to use! Cook up those garlic recipes! Eat. Enjoy. Be happy!  




I may not be a fan of garlic, but this is something to check out!

Categories: Food Gadgets


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