May 29, 2014

The Most Expensive City: Geneva…Leader of the ‘Club’

Geneva has retained the top spot as the most expensive city in the world to order a Club Sandwich, at an average of $32.60 USD, according to research released today by Using the classic hotel staple of a chicken, bacon, egg, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich as a barometer of affordability, the Club Sandwich Index (CSI) offers travelers an indication of the costs associated with their destination of choice. hotel_clubsandwichindex_2014_05_US Now in its third year, the Index reflects not only changes in the actual price of a Club Sandwich across the globe but also the effect of currency fluctuations between cities.  The CSI average price is calculated from the real prices paid by guests for a Club Sandwich in 30 hotels in either the capital or an important tourist city in the 28 countries surveyed, across five, four and three-star categories.  In total, 840 hotels were canvassed globally. New York came in at number 13 of the global cities studied for the second year in a row; however, the city was the most expensive amongst additional U.S. cities surveyed at an average of $17.99.  The least expensive city in the U.S. was Orlando at $10.68, comparable to 26th globally-ranked Buenos Aires ($10.37). Club sandwich averages in other major U.S. cities include: San Francisco at $15.44; Washington, DC at $15.18; Los Angeles at $14.88; New Orleans at $13.54; Chicago at $13.38; Houston at $13.17; San Diego at $13; Las Vegas at $12.91; and Dallas at $12.06. Of note, the locally-relevant Po’boy sandwich was used to obtain average prices for New Orleans. Gastronomic hub, Paris, held on to the number two spot globally with a new average of $29.36, followed by Helsinki (previously number 11) which knocked Oslo out of the top three with $24.35 following an increase on the 2013 average cost in the Finnish capital. India’s New Delhi remained the cheapest destination for a Club Sandwich, with an average of just $8.78, although several other holiday favorites also appeared within the $10 threshold, including Mexico City ($9.78) and Buenos Aires ($10.37). Meanwhile, Sydney experienced the greatest decrease in its Club Sandwich price, falling from $20.53 in 2013 to $16.93 in 2014.
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