April 09, 2019

Get Buzzed with New Häagen-Dazs Spirits Colection.

Finally the sun is out and so is Häagen-Dazs new Spirits ice cream collection. Seven alcohol-infused ice cream flavours include Rum, bourbon, Amaretto and stout integrated into sweet flavours having the best of both worlds.


Each of the new flavors are detailed for fans:

  • “Irish Cream Brownie” —  An Irish cream-infused ice cream with rich chocolate brownie chunks finished with a luscious fudge swirl.
  •  “Rum Tres Leche” — Inspired by Latin America, white rum is infused and topped off with thick ribbons of dulce de leche, mixed in with pieces of sweet Tres Leches cake.
  • “Bourbon Vanilla Bean Truffle” — The classic pairing combines swirls of spicy bourbon and Häagen-Dazs’ creamy vanilla bean ice cream — finished with chocolate truffles.
  • “Stout Chocolate Pretzel Crunch” — A pub-inspired flavor offering rich chocolate ice cream infused with toasty-malty stout, and mixed with chocolate covered pretzels and delicious fudge.
  • “Bourbon Praline Pecan” — Bourbon-infused ice cream is sprinkled with brown sugar and textured with crunchy praline pecans.
  • “Non-Dairy Amaretto Black Cherry Almond Toffee” — Sweet almond toffee chunks are brought together with rich black cherry jam and folded into a nutty amaretto-infused, non-dairy dessert.
  • “Irish Cream Cookie Squares” — The perfect chocolate cookie topped with Irish cream-infused ice cream before the entire square is dipped in rich dark chocolate.






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