October 19, 2016

Get Rid of Your Bulky Measuring Cups
Non-smokers friendly

Almost every kitchen drawer has a collection of measuring spoons. Right? To change the way we pack and use measuring cups, designer, inventor, and teacher Rahul Agarwal is on a mission to to get rid of all bulky measuring spoons. To do so he came up with a new Kickstarter project, Polygons.


A Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs. It folds to whatever size you need depending on the way you pick it up. Premarked areas on both spoon sizes (tablespoon and teaspoon) let you know where to pick up from to measure the volume required for your recipe.

Practical and simple.

Categories: Food Gadgets


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