February 25, 2015

Good Morning... Have Breakfast Without Chewing

Somethings can't be missed or passed on without mentioning... even if it's not my cup of tea, there are many ways to enjoy breakfast without the inconvenience of chewing. Forget the smoothies and shakes. Instead, opt for the hard candy breakfast!


Breakfast Lollipops from V19 come as a four-course breakfast buffet including bacon, donut, and waffle-flavored suckers. Each hand-poured lollipop is lovingly crafted in the USA and bursts with flavor.

The donut is enormously sweet (coconut-flavored) and is topped off with a strawberry dip. The waffle is a maple syrup eruption while the bacon features a hard candy maple-syrup-flavored shell infused with bacon-flavored bits of soy.

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