August 18, 2019 Athens Greece Europe

Grecotel Pallace Athens: Good but not the Five Stars I Expected
Non-smokers friendly

A happy hotel... but unfortunately not the rooms! A beautiful lobby, decorative structures, design items until the room door opened. I was willing to post a 5/5 about the hotel for its unique location and excellent price but I can’t say the same about the room: cold with no decoration or carpet, old bathrooms, smelly old towels, tiny little bottles of shampoo, a small television... I was expecting something funky, colorful, fresh, generous and loaded with love!


Breakfast at the hotel is served on the first floor. Beautiful decor, art pieces, nice music and colors with a view on the busy road below. The buffet, loaded with choices, local and international, is unfortunately not appealing. Too many small plates, lots of serving forks, plates half empty... I’m not sure what happened in my head but I didn’t feel like eating anything.

Salmon, cheese, local fried specialities, scrambled eggs, sunny side up, bacon and yogurt among other things. I really didn’t feel like eating but enjoyed my coffee and nice music. Light entering from all sides, a cool breathe of air and colorful paintings to start your day with a smile.


Back to the room: one little bottle of shampoo for two people, not enough towels and that cold decor not reflecting the lobby’s artistic feel. The room doesn’t reflect description.

At night, the neighborhood transforms into a ghost town; don’t adventure walking around the dark streets painted with graffiti and covered with trash. They call it the international neighborhood but I was not expecting it to be so dramatic.


Not an experience I’ll repeat again.





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