October 18, 2013

Haagen Dazs' New Secret Sensations, Creme Brûlée

Häagen-Dazs Secret Sensations Crème Brûlée, another divine combination from the Secret Sensations range, is a truly indulgent ice cream dessert! Just imagine a center of caramel sauce surrounded by smoot rich vanilla ice cream mixed with caramelized sugar pieces. With the caramel sauce taking up 10% and the caramelised sugar pieces taking up 4.5% there’s not much room in these individual pots for regular ice cream! Haagen_Dazs_Creme_Brulee9 Ingredients: Fresh Cream,Sugar ,Condensed Skimmed Milk ,Egg Yolk ,Dried Glucose Syrup ,Cocoa Butter ,Natural Vanilla Flavouring ,Gelling Agent: Pectins Leave it out of the freezer for 10 minutes before indulging... Haagen_Dazs_Creme_Brulee4 So inside the smart box are two tubs of ice cream so you can share this new flavor with someone special. Each of the pots had a plastic spoon inside the lid to scoop with, so it did feel a bit like being at the cinema, only more refined! For those that don’t know Crème Brûlée is a soft caramel flavored dessert served with a layer of crunchy burnt sugar on top. The ice cream edition has a caramel base flavor, and burnt sugar crystals mixed into it. Also in the center (which is the secret mentioned on the box) is a spoonful of liquid caramel tucked in hiding! The flavours worked impressively well together. The ice cream is super creamy, but the caramel flavour is sweet and mellow so it’s a combination that works. It is enhanced when you hit one of the numerous burnt sugar crystals that add a fabulous crunchy texture and a burst of sweetness. The best part was finding the center pot of gold. The liquid was intensely sweet and reminded me of the liquid that you get in a Crème Caramel dessert, i.e. Pure yumminess. Haagen_Dazs_Creme_Brulee7 This dessert ice cream could easily have been too rich, but Haagen-Dazs balanced it perfectly using a very milky ice cream to counter balance all the sweet flavors. This was absolutely gorgeous. I have my eye out for the Chocolate Secret Sensation which has also been released, and I can’t wait to find it! When I do I’ll report back here of course. If you have a sweet tooth and you see the Crème Brûlée Ice Cream edition in the shops, I really can’t recommend it enough!
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