November 24, 2012

Meet the New Luxury Caviar Vending Machines

Imagine that you can now buy caviar from a vending machine... Yes your high-class cravings can now be satisfied in an instant and no need to go to a fancy restaurant for it. You're in a mall, walking around, suddenly your taste buds are craving for those little tasty eggs - convenient vending machines dispenses Imperial River Beluga Caviar, for $500 an ounce, and a pink mother of pearl spoon for $4 in a second...

LosAngeles has recently released these vending machines, which is referred to by the makers as the caviar boutiques in its malls. The machines stock caviar from all over the world. They also offer other gourmet foods like truffles, escargot, bottargablinis, gourmet salts and caviar accessories. Exciting, no? I personally like the idea... I wonder if something like this would work here...

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