October 27, 2012

Candy Corn the New 'It' Thing this Halloween

This Halloween candy corn is the ‘it’ confectionery for 2012. Do you remember them - they disappeared a while and now they are back...

Kicking off the trend was Nabisco’s limited edition candy corn Oreos, pointed out Time magazine earlier this month. Mimicking the tri-colored yellow, orange and white-tipped candy nuggets, the Oreos became the talk of Internet-town among cookie connoisseurs this year. Made with vanilla wafers and sandwiching yellow and orange cream filling, the Oreos are being sold exclusively at retail chain Target across the US. But Nabisco isn’t the only food manufacturer to trendspot the sweet craving for candy corn.

M&M’s also launched a candy corn-flavored version of its chocolate in the US this season, made with white chocolate and candy corn flavoring, exclusively for Walmart. It’s not the first time candy makers have been inspired by the retro Halloween confectionery.

Hershey’s also released candy corn-flavored Kisses a few years ago, while Act II did the same for its microwaveable popcorn. For a more grown-up version, meanwhile, the Food Network offers a candy corn-flavored cocktail recipe that calls for orange liqueur, lemon juice, egg whites, vodka and candy corn. The Cooking Channel’s candy corn cocktail, meanwhile, calls for softened orange sherbet ice cream, pineapple juice, pineapple-infused vodka, milk and simple syrup.

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