April 29, 2015

Halsa: Addictive Healthy, Crunchy Thyme Fingers
Healthy Treats

It was supposed to be a regular meeting down in Beirut at my friend Myrna's office until a special delivery came in - a bag of Kaak.


Myrna has been enjoying these kaak for the last year, bags of fresh, crunchy and healthy toasted fingers she gets from Dfouni, the market next door. Believe me, you have to try them!

Halsa is the name of the homemade bakery which rolls one finger after another stuffed in large bags each costing $5 and contains 5 individual portions of thyme kaak or Nigella Sativa kaak. 

Made of sourdough and called the seven cereals, those fingers are rich in antioxidants and iron, slow carbs suitable for diabetics, and contain lots of fibers for better digestion. You cn feel the seeeds in every bite.


You can't but fall in love with their crunchiness, enjoy their flavor and remember them while their long lasting after note stays around your palate for some time. The thyme is a loaded dose of concentrated ingredients with an unmatched richness. Nigella Sativa is even better.

The big bag doesn't list its weight, but know that every 100 grams contains 207 calories. Beware, they're addictive.

For more info call +961 3 678 770

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