July 16, 2018 New York USA Americas

Van Leeuwen: One of New York’s Best Ice Cream Shops, The Black Sesame
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After touring five ice cream concepts around the neighborhood in east village I stopped at Van Leeuwen. Coming here for the second time, I remember its ice cream to be one of the best in town. Indeed it is, creamy, milky, full-bodied... professional and innovative!


The ice cream place sells sundaes, ice cream jars and read to eat cones. Ice cream is prepared in recyclable carton cups or waffle cones. Choose one out of dozens of innovative flavors of which the cookie crumble and strawberry jam, planet earth, earl grey tea, Black sesame ash chocolate cake, candied walnuts and seasonal fruit compote among others.

After eating five different kinds of ice cream, this place is confirmed to be the best. Milky and adequately creamy, the ice cream is not too sweet but offers the real flavors of ice cream.


I loved the sundae, three big scoops of ice cream topped with whipped cream and waffle biscuit crumble with a drizzle of caramel sauce. The black sesame ice cream has a black color and chunks of sticky cake inside it. Sesame flavors kick and last long around the mouth. The strawberry ice cream feels fresh and healthy: it’s not red but light pink with the same awesomeness as the other flavors. Try the honey ice cream, it’s memorable.

Van Leeuwen remains one of New York’s finest ice cream parlors: a favorite recommended.

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