December 15, 2017 Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

My Latest Discovery: "Maakroun Hobeiche"
Sweet Tooth

They look like any Lebanese sweets, covered with powdered sugar but in fact they are not. A tradition of the Hobeiche family of Keserwan, these amazing delicacies are a must try. My friend Fady, coming tonight for dinner, got them with him.


“Maacroun Hobeicheh”, a homemade signature speciality of #ghazir! An amazing biscuit creation stuffed with walnuts, a lebanese kind of sablé that’s sandy and flaky stuffed wth mashed walnuts in tiny little bits keeping the texture smooth and soft. They might look like maamoul or biscuits but are in fact different on all front. Made of flour and no additives, the Maacroun can last for days outside of the fridge.


(Call Jamal +961-71-319059 for your orders)

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth


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