June 14, 2018

Happy World Blood Donor Day!

Countries around the world celebrate, on the 14th of June of every year, the World Blood Donor Day (WBDD). This occasion, initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2002, aims to thank all blood donors for their selfless heroic acts. Particularly in Lebanon, DSC has been celebrating the WBDD since 2010, organizing big events to honor the donors. No matter how much is done, nothing can thank blood donors enough!


The Reality in Lebanon:

The blood transfusion system in our country counts on patients and their families to secure the needed blood donors/units for any type of surgeries or treatments… So, almost all blood donors are donating blood for targeted patients (family replacement donations). In much rarer cases, blood donors voluntarily choose to donate at a random place and time, for no specific patient (voluntary donations). However, the voluntary donors are still not accepted at most blood banks - for many reasons.  Thus, such potential donors are frustrated when they are told that “there is no more need” for their donations!

Who is DSC:

To provide blood for patients in need through a centralized database of potential donors, and through frequent blood donation campaigns conducted in partnership with local blood banks. Trivia: "Donner Sang Compter” or DSC comes from the French language.
The original expression, written with an "s” (Sans), is found in a scouts’ prayer, and means "to give without asking for anything in return.” while "Sang” with a "g” is French for "blood”, hence the play on words, and the NGO’s name.

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