March 19, 2014

BEATING FOOD POVERTY is "A piece of cake"

Because BEATING FOOD POVERTY is  "A piece of cake"!
Join FoodBlessed and its master bakers for another bake sale bonanza this Sunday March 23rd, 2014 at Beirut by Bike in Waterfront Downtown.
They will be selling home-made baked goods to the beats of awesome LIVE music.
GET READY to join the fun with special appearances by Marcelio Gebrayel, MN EL EKHR, George Farah, Samer Qmash, and Elham Malek.
All proceeds will go to feeding people in need!
IMG_20140312_140453 Our foodblessed Sunday Bake Sales in collaboration with Beirut by Bike ARE back! As you might know, we had the first edition last month and it was a HUGE success!! Next one's is in 2 weeks! On the 23rd of March to be exact!  For this we will need your help. If you've got extraordinaire baking skills or looking to hone your baking skills, or just want to come and help us sell the cakes, sign up for our bake sale project "foodblessed monthly Bake Sale" by sending me an email.  What? We’ll be selling cakes and juice to anyone around Beirut By Bike area to the sounds of lovely tunes with all the money collected throughout the day going to charity.  We will selling the piece for a very reasonable price starting 1000 LBP and juice for 1000 LBP. If passers by feel like giving more, we won’t object! We will also be bringing our smiles – these will be on the house of course! Where and When? DATE: Sunday March 23rd, 2014. TIME: 10 AM - 6 PM The bake sales will take place every 4th Sunday of the month in the Beirut by Bike area at the Biel Water front. It will take place from 10 Am to 6 Pm on the 23rd of this month. We will be selling baked goodies (cakes, cupcakes, and cookies) baked by you along with juice. These yummy goodies will be baked ans sold by YOU-- our awesome volunteers. A lot of you supported us in our previous bake sale. We want to hear from you. But we are also looking to having new bakers on board! J You can either bake for us or help us on Sunday in selling the baked goodies. HOW to participate? We are looking for 20 + bakers to bake us 50 pieces (or more) each of any baked goods of their choosing. Fifty might sound a big number, but as our avid baker Ruth Moucharafieh puts it:  “to bake say 50 pieces of cupcakes for example, you will need to 2 Betty Crocker cake mixes which cost around 5,000 LBP each meaning 10, 000 LBP in total, and a bit less than an hour in the oven! As easy as this!” Also, if you get your friends, family, and neighbours to help out, you can double the fun and quantity of cake! WHY should I sign up for this? It’s only once per month, loads of fun (for you and your loved ones), doesn't require a lot of your time (but requires minimum commitment on your behalf), if you’re an avid baker then this will be a no brainer for you, and if you’re not an avid baker then this will surely help you improve on your baking skills, and well, in the end, it’s for a GOOD cause! All the money collected in each bake sale will be used to purchase food items -“the basic Mouneh” items- for those who are in need. So there  Come'n, Give us a shout! HOW can I sign up for this? It’s super easy, send us an email to: [email protected] with your name, phone number, and number of cakes you will be willing to bake for us (could be 50, could be less, and most maybe MORE. It’s your call!), and also if you will be willing to sell on the day (what shift/s), and if you will bringing someone along. For more info, kindly check the flyer attached. In case you want to sign up to be with us on the day, we will be having two shifts: An 10 am to 2 pm shift and 2 pm to 6 pm shift. You can either sign up for one shift or two! Feel free to bring your little ones (kids, siblings, your neighbour’s kids etc.).  Kids love these type of activities –they will not only feel happy for helping those in need, but also feeling responsible early on. Also feel free to share it with your social network! We want to create a network of bakers that will make our foodblessed Sunday Bake Sales a MONTHLY happening! Have a food blessed week to come everybody; Maya +961 70 159 337
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