January 12, 2023

Here are the 7 Best Wines to Pair with Oysters

People describe oysters differently: meaty, delicate, briny, clean, fruity, buttery, creamy, mineral, etc. They are deceptively simple and tasty. Oysters taste differently, just like wine, depending on where one harvests them from and the season of the year. Each region, temperature, and condition has a unique flavor profile.

Pairing oysters with the right wine can create a beautiful balance. It also brings out the best in each other. However, before you order oysters online, keep in mind that they are complex, and you should be cautious when selecting the wine to pair with them. Oysters can be eaten fresh from the shell, or you can have them slightly cooked.

You can enjoy your oysters in different ways as well as pair them with the perfect wine. For a delightful experience, keep reading to discover the 7 best wines to use with oysters.

What You Should Know About Pairing Wine with Oyster

You can discover a lot in this culinary delight as long as you have a proper oyster wine pairing. If you opt to order blue point oysters online, you should also buy a perfect complement for it. Oysters typically form differently, necessitating some ingenuity when selecting an accompanying wine.

Seafood from different sides of the ocean—the west and east coasts—varies. For example, different sides of the US have varying temperatures and conditions; hence its mollusks and lobster have unique flavor profiles. Similarly, oysters from the east, particularly the farthest south, are meatier and saltier. But, those on the pacific are more delicate and buttery. 

So, you must complement these specific flavors with good wine. Poor oyster wine pairing can have adverse effects. A bold wine will wash out those flavors, while the briny, ocean flavor of the blue point oysters will overpower a light or creamy wine. So, whether you’re a longtime or brand-new oyster lover, blue point oysters are great for your next BBQ.

Now that you know what blue point seafood to order, here is a perfect wine to match with oysters.

  1. Champagne

This wine is the ideal pair for raw oysters and light ocean fare. Champagne has a similar mineral profile to oysters. Thus, the acidity level of this wine can stand up to the oysters’ salt.

Lanson Noble Cuvee Blanc de Blanc Brut is the right Champagne. Apart from being made from Chardonnay grapes, which are less produced, it's also aged to perfection; thus, the acidity stands strong.

Alternatively, you can opt for dry sparkling wines such as Drappier Brut Nature and Laurent Perrier Ultra Brut. These options have no dosage, sugar, or wine solution added to them when bottling. Thus, they are the perfect match for deep-fried oysters.

  1. Muscadet

Stores usually provide lemon wedges when you buy fresh oysters, which you squeeze on them before eating. Instead of these lemons, you can opt for a glass of Muscadet. You find this wine on the coast, where oysters are available. Winemakers use Melon de Bourgogne grape varieties to produce Muscadet.

As a result, Muscadet has a high acidity level and displays lime, lemon, and fresh pear flavors. Muscadet Sevre & Maine Sur Lie have a richer flavor, a creamy texture, and yeasty notes. You can pair pan-fried oysters with this wine, while its yeasty component is perfect for crunchy breading on your fried food.

  1. Chablis

Chablis and Champagne are geographically closer. The cooler climate enables these wines to have high natural acidity. Further, Chardonnay grapes make both wines, but for Chablis, they are grown in mineral-rich clay that contains marine fossils or fossilized oysters. Winemakers use less oak when fermenting this wine, which unmasks its bright flavors due to less intense cedar, toast, or butter notes.

Therefore, Chablis is an excellent accompaniment for oysters because of its pear, citrus, saline, and mineral flavors. Hence, Chablis highlights the freshness of blue point oysters.

  1. Sauvignon Blanc

The wine gets its unique characteristics depending on where the grapes were grown. Wines with crisp and citrus-powdered flavors make excellent pairs. Bordeaux’s Entre-Deux-Mers is perfect for freshly shucked oysters.

New Zealand’s herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent alternative for oyster lovers who enjoy the wild side. This wine is heavy on acidity, which cuts through raw oysters and highlights its lemon flavors.

  1. Chardonnay

There are many ways of eating oysters. This versatile food can be eaten raw, baked, fried, stewed, or steamed. You can also swallow or chew them to get their full flavor. Chardonnay is an excellent accompaniment for raw and cooked oysters.

Additionally, you can choose a creamy sauce or chowder and pair your oysters with a lightly oaked wine. A creamy style similar to the one in Limoux, southern France, or one in a cool climate can help highlight the flavors.  

  1. Sancerre

The Sancerre wines have the same mineral tone as Chablis because their grapes grow in the Paris basin. The aromatic Sauvignon Blanc grapes have bracing citrus and acidity notes. 

Sancerre is a delightful wine when sipped as you enjoy different oyster varieties alongside the mignonette sauce. For an excellent experience, open a 2016 Domaine Alphonse Mellot Sancerre bottle to enjoy it with your fresh oyster delivery.

  1. California Brut Rose

Brut Rose from California is a sparkling wine similar to Champagne. Because it contains red wine grapes, you can pair your fruitier oysters with a rosy pink hue wine. Aside from its color, California brut rose has more fruity and floral notes due to the berry and stone fruit.

Choose Chef Thomas Keller’s signature dish and pair it with Schramsberg Brut Rose vintages. That is an excellent way to fully enjoy the combination’s sweetness.  

Parting Shot

Indeed, a tasty wine pairing is necessary when hosting guests at your home or for your dinner. Pairing your seafood with the best beverage makes you a food connoisseur.

This article has highlighted 7 wine and oyster pairs that can guide you in your culinary adventure. These are top-rated wines that you can enjoy with your blue-point oysters. But they are not the only wines; many more will taste delectable with your favorite oyster types. So search for them and expand your collection to enjoy your wine.

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