July 04, 2024

How to Avoid Travel Fraud and Save Dream Vacations Turning into a Nightmare

Traveling seems like a very cheerful experience and everyone wants to travel. As the world progresses and people invent new trends, the travel fraud rate is also increasing. Like other industries, tourist companies also face challenging scams that need to be solved as soon as possible so that people can get a seamless experience while traveling.  People who go to spend their holidays at their dream places return to their homes with sorrowful hearts. 

It was recorded in 2017 that 27% of airline services faced payment scams worldwide. For these reasons, travel agencies and their clients need an online aid that will assist them in traveling to their favorite places. Therefore, there is a service that has AI algorithms through which restaurants, hotels, airlines, and travel agencies can detect fake money transactions. 

This blog will talk about how AI-originated services will assist travel agencies in combating scams.

Travel Frauds

With the progression in the digital world and the increase in the crime rate, scammers are inventing new ways through which they can deceive innocent people. Some of the travel fraud include:

·    Scam with Foreigners

Most of the scammers trick the foreigners who come to enjoy holidays at their place. They probably trick them into currency exchange deals and take extra money from them. Foreigners who are not aware of these tricks unintentionally gave them the money they required.

·    Booking Scams

The scammer can be a person who visits or the one who owns the place. In some cases, the restaurants take bookings at lower rates, but when the visitor pays the bill after their stay, they demand extra charges by adding fake things to the bills. On the other side, one scam from the visitor's side that is more common in most countries is that they return to their homes without paying the bills. They trick the hotel staff by saying that they will arrive after two hours, but they never come back.

·    Black Money Scam

Restaurants should keep a check on their clients in any case of money transaction. They should check properly whether the money came from the right resources. Money launderers mostly transfer their money to other countries through airports because they can not perform this task online. However, airlines should keep a complete check on the money launderers to avoid being involved in any criminal activity. If a service fails to discover the black money and the authorities appear in the case then the particular company has to face reputational damage.

·    Digital thefts

Nowadays everyone is busy in their lives and they do not have the time to stand for hours in line to transact money for their travel bookings. For these reasons, everyone wants a digital system through which they can transact their money online without even wasting their time. Online money-transaction systems have made people's lives way more convenient than ever.  

Now, customers do not have to go to order food during their stay. They have online systems that can automatically order the customer’s desired food with one click. But as everything has gone online, the scams are also expanding. The most common scams that are done with these digital services are the customers returning to their homes without paying the bills and scammers using stolen identities to book rooms.

Fight Fraudsters with Digital Technology

As digital technology has sharpened the scammers, it has also provided travel agencies with some tactics to control fraudulent activities. e-IDV for the travel industry is one of them. e-IDV stands for electronic identity verification. It is helping most travel agencies deal with fraudsters. Travel gadgets can help you throughout your vacation.  This service has machine learning through which it can easily detect the culprit and innocent people can victoriously accomplish their booking process. This modern face verification technology has challenged the deep fakes and other features in which the client uses any kind of filters on their faces. 

Through this service, travel agencies can easily detect the client’s facial expression, and they have an account of small facial details that will save them from encountering crimes. Now, the airports also have facial verification technology that will assist them in stopping the money launderers from flying away by taking the black money with them. Travel agencies should also need facial verification services on their boats that are used for bringing customers to visiting places. This will help the travel agencies eliminate criminal activities and fraud.


Through the eidv solution, travel agencies can easily combat fraudsters and save their reputation. This will help them to gain more connections and clients. It helps to reduce the rate of travel frauds. It assists travel companies by creating healthy bonds among their clients.

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