April 21, 2015

Phillippe Starck Designs New Travel Amenities

Contemporary designer, Philippe Starck, has created everything from toothbrushes to revolutionary mega-yachts. This exclusive amenity kit partnership with WESSCO International marks his first foray into the commercial aircraft cabin, and the beginning of an elegant new era in passenger comfort.


Leading creative partner and supplier of winning amenities and comfort programs to the world’s airlines, WESSCO International has announced a ground-breaking, multi-year collaboration effort with French visionary creator, Philippe Starck.

A facilitator of exceptional onboard experiences for more than 35 years, WESSCO International also enjoys a reputation as a partner whose forward-thinking approach to the passenger experience continually delights and surprises. With the introduction of original Philippe Starck designs to the cabin, WESSCO has once again proven its dedication to innovating for its airline customers and their passengers.

“Starck is an iconic modern designer, and the breadth and impact of his work is unparalleled”


“Starck is an iconic modern designer, and the breadth and impact of his work is unparalleled,” says Petros Sakkis, Vice President International Operations at WESSCO International. “Among other things, he is well known for the inspiring spaces and products he has created for the hospitality industry. We wanted to help bring his unique vision to the world’s top airlines.”

A distinctive collection of first and business class amenity kits has been developed. A diverse palette of colors has been used in the collection, which consists of hard and soft versions of male, female and unisex kits. The elegance of the collection lies in the sobriety and timelessness of the design, the elegance of minimum.

“The concepts for the amenity kits arose from much personal thought from Starck on their form, function and context. Starck has driven the process from the beginning, insisting on quality and innovation at every level. He personally scrutinized each aspect of the modern amenity kit, from the outer shell to every individual content item. He has re-conceived and re-constructed everything from scratch, seeking to enhance elegance and functionality, as pieces and as a whole. It is this exploration that has led to something totally different. The kits will surely demonstrate an airline’s commitment to perfection and its focus on the passenger’s experience, both on and after the flight,” comments Luigi Auricchio, Creative Director for Asia and EMEA at WESSCO International.

As a frequent flyer himself, Starck says that WESSCO’s proposition of creating items for the airplane cabin, especially ones that are sometimes simply discarded, truly challenged him. How to create something, within the often-inflexible parameters of cost and space presented by aviation, that people would keep?

“From the beginning of the creative process, two words appeared to me: the elegance and the gift,” he explains. “We create such an elegant and intelligent object that it would truly become a gift. And it might be the first time that passengers will open the bag and say: Oh! This is exactly what I wanted!”

“The scope of this collaboration extends beyond amenity kits,” says Sakkis. “The goal of our collaboration is nothing less than to create an unforgettable experience for people who travel. Of course that is a bold aim, but it is this boldness that separates the run-of-the-mill from those concepts that truly make an impact.”

According to WESSCO, the kits are just the beginning.


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