June 04, 2022

How To Improve Time Management in Your Commercial Kitchen

Good time management is essential for everyone working in the restaurant industry. Learn more about how to improve time management in your commercial kitchen.

Running a good restaurant is about more than just food: it’s about being able to keep staff and guests happy while managing planned and unforeseen circumstances. Time management is one of the essential skills to be able to do all that and stay calm and collected, but it’s a skill that many people forget about. If you want to learn more about building this essential, often-forgotten skill, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn how to improve time management in your commercial kitchen.

Plan Realistically, Delegate Accordingly

Restaurant owners and managers often feel like they have to do everything, which can negatively affect everyone’s schedules. Instead of trying to do everything and falling behind, or causing others to fall behind, start planning your day ahead of time with a to-do list. Stay realistic with this list by giving yourself achievable deadlines and leaving room for last-minute emergencies. If something needs to get done that you can’t realistically achieve, delegate it to someone else who’s knowledgeable and available. This will allow everything to get done without overwhelming one person.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Depending on the leadership style of your restaurant, you may have to go to a specific person to make purchase requests. While many people don’t want to make these requests, it’s important to do so when they can improve the time management in your kitchen. As the manager, you see how often equipment is used and what equipment either helps or hinders you from getting the job done. Your kitchen may be in need of specialized equipment, such as a milkshake maker that can shorten wait times. Discuss these changes with whoever oversees purchasing and explain how these changes can help the kitchen’s time management.

Support Good Communication

As the manager, you spend lots of time going between the front of house staff and the back of house staff. You know who is working in both areas and what they’re all doing. Don’t keep this knowledge to yourself. One of the biggest time wasters in commercial kitchens is a lack of good communication, so if you know about something important that’s going on in one area, tell the other. And don’t just act as a go-between, either. Inform the front of house staff and the back of house staff who they can talk to in each area so they can keep the communication channels open even when you’re not there to facilitate.

Now you know how to improve time management in your commercial kitchen by planning realistically, delegating appropriately, investing in the right equipment, and supporting good communication. By following these basic time management principles, your kitchen and restaurant will be more efficient and better able to serve customers.

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