February 16, 2015

Nuance: Innovative and Functional Products for your Home, Now in Lebanon

Traveling is more than a plane, traveling is more than sleeping at hotels, traveling is simply extensive education. While touring the globe for the latest discoveries in the world of food and cooking, a brand used to catch my attention; Nuance. Nuance is a Danish design brand build from a collection of innovative and functional products designed by strong Nordic designers.

Nuance Logo

The philosophy behind Nuance lies in the name itself. The small, carefully designed details, combined with functional Scandinavian design, is the nuance that makes the entire difference. Nuance gives you an elegant and aesthetic design and an innovative and practical product rolled into one. It is therefore perfect both as a treat to spoil yourself with and as a gift for a lucky recipient.

Finally, the brand has landed in Lebanon. Buying new appliances for home, the items popped into my sight at the DuplexLine showroom in Sin el Fil.


Today’s review is an introduction to the brand which has a large variety of classy items for the home; kitchen, living and bar.

One of my favorite items would be Nuance Table trivet with magnet Lime, reviewed here.  A very practical table mat in heat-resistant silicone. The table mat is magnetic and therefore clings firmly to the base of pots and pans.

Expect more reviews about Nuance innovative products soon.

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