October 07, 2016

How to Pimp up a Glass of Water

Looking for a recipe for water? Not as daft an idea as it might sound. Water is many things to us – it maintains our body’s fluid balance, energises our muscles, and keeps our skin looking good – but it’s hardly high on our list of deliciousness. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to give ‘Adam’s Ale’ a tasty twist without compromising its inherent goodness.


In fact, you can easily pack even more health benefits in while you pimp that H2O. Ginger, for example, is great for the digestive system and can help reduce nausea when you’re pregnant – mix it in, grated, to add an immediate kick. A great additional ingredient for this one (again, especially if you’re pregnant) is fresh pomegranate. Whatever condition you’re in, this combo will get you kick-started when the post-lunch slump hits.

Another healthy, exotic way to breathe new life into your love affair with aqua is to add pineapple chunks and fresh mint. This one’s known as the Pineapple Detox and – guess what? – it helps your body kick out those unwelcome toxins, while also aiding weight loss. Natural and delicious, it’s a flawless alcohol-free cocktail.

As the weather gets hotter, you may find your liquid intake decreasing as you’re less likely to crave your regular hot cup of tea. Of course, you can switch that steaming brew for something cooler but with all the benefits, by opting for a cold tea alternative. Green tea is perfect for just this, and infusing a couple of bags for three hours, with added grapefruit and lemon, will reassure your system that your not neglecting its tea needs.

Already feeling rehydrated? You’re just getting started. Be sure to work your way through the other delicious recipes in this refreshing new infographic, and you’ll never look at unpimped water the same again!

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