August 19, 2023

How To Plan the Perfect Backyard Barbecue Party

What’s better than a backyard barbecue with friends and family? Let us show you how to put on the perfect party in your backyard with our helpful tips!

Are you hosting a barbecue at your home for friends and family? Below, we’ll show you how to plan the perfect backyard barbecue party, from preparing the grill to providing games and entertainment!

Prepare the Grill

First, you want to make sure your grill is prepared for the grilling marathon it’s about to endure! The first step is cleaning and brushing the grill to remove any leftover grease from previous grilling sessions and ensure you’re grilling on a clean surface.

Whether you have a charcoal, propane, or wood-burning grill, get plenty of fuel to last the entire grilling session—it’s always better to have more than you need! If you’ve got a propane grill, test it so you know it works properly before your guests arrive.

Organize Your Tools

Once the grill is cleaned and ready, you should organize all your grilling and cooking tools. Once there are guests to entertain and food to cook, you don’t want to be running all over the house and backyard looking for your spatula or tongs.

A proper grill master always knows how to keep grilling tools organized and ready at a moment’s notice. And before the party, make sure you’ve got a working fire extinguisher nearby—just in case!

Plan (and Prepare) the Menu

You can’t plan the perfect backyard barbecue party without preparing the menu. Consider the season and the tastes and preferences of your guests to craft a barbecue menu that’ll satisfy everyone.

Once you’ve decided what recipes you’ll be making, start the food prep early for convenience. One of the worst mistakes barbecue hosts make is to procrastinate chopping vegetables and doing other food prep. To avoid delays, prepare any snacks and appetizers you want to serve for guests and serve them away from the kitchen and grill so your cooking space isn’t disrupted.

Provide Games and Entertainment

Lastly, don’t forget to put out some entertainment and backyard games for your guests to enjoy while you grill and prepare the food. You won’t have time to entertain guests while you grill and cook, but you don’t want your guests to become bored, so have some games ready when they arrive.

Here are some great lawn games for a backyard barbecue:

  • Cornhole
  • Horseshoes
  • Ladder toss
  • Bocce ball
  • Croquet
  • Badminton

If you keep these tips in mind, we’re sure your backyard barbecue will be the party of the summer!

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