October 22, 2021

How to Save Money When Traveling as a Student

Traveling teaches students important life lessons. You get exposure to life in its rawest form when you are out there on your own. Besides, this is the time when your shoulders are yet not burdened with the responsibilities of life. You can relax your stressed mind on a mini-vacation worry-free. It is, therefore, best to explore uncharted terrains while you are still a student. 

This article is dedicated to all those students who love to travel but have limited financial possibilities. We have curated some amazing money hacks to help you hang on to your school/college trip. Read on if you do not wish to cancel your next tour with your friends. And while you are on the break, you can take advantage of the essay writing help provided by the do my paper by DoMyEssay team to complete your assignments at pocket-friendly rates.

Top 9 Golden Rules to Save Big While Traveling as a Student

Avoid Solo Trips Unless Someone Is Sponsoring Them

Solo trips are highly overrated, mainly because traveling alone can burn a hole in your pockets. There will be no one to share your expenses with, which will increase the travel expenditures by manifolds. Therefore, if you have a tight budget, opt for group trips. 

Also, it is better to travel with friends who like to plan and explore just like you. You cannot enjoy your budget trip with someone who prefers eating at fancy restaurants. 

Ditch Hotels and Book Rooms in Hostels

Stop fancying Instagram-worthy stays and hotels. They tend to be quite expensive. Instead, go for budget-friendly hostels. They are a great option for students. These hostels are growing popular nowadays among students, solo travelers, and backpackers. 

They have uber-cool dorms where you can share rooms with other tourists. These hostels have all the basic facilities such as free wi-fi, restrooms, intercom services, and a shared lobby. 

Use Local Public Transportation

Using cabs or renting vehicles in a new city can make your bills soar high. If you wish to save some money without compromising the quality of sightseeing, make the most out of the public transportation system. Take some time to learn about places you want to visit and the public commutes available for the route. 

Metro is available in most places. Grab a map of the metro stations and hop onto a train. You will be able to travel from one corner to another at minimal costs and rapidly.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance can safeguard your finances. In case of unforeseen circumstances such as a medical emergency, loss of baggage, or trip cancellation, travel insurance comes handy and offers you ample protection against loss of money. 

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Most of the popular tourist places and transportation systems offer attractive student discounts. Even some restaurants and hostels run special offers for students. Carry your valid student ID card and use it to take advantage of all the discounts and offers.

Save a Section of Your Budget for Traveling

If you are an ardent traveler, make sure you set out a section of your savings for traveling. Decide upon a fixed amount and save the same every month. Once you have adequate funds, you can plan your trip easily.

Explore Street Foods

We all love to dine out in nice restaurants. However, they tend to be quite pricey due to their splendid décor and ambiance. So, the best option for students is to explore the street food options in a foreign land. 

Street food items are not just pocket-friendly but also often very delicious. This way, you can even discover some hidden gems for foodies and make these dishes popular on your social media platforms.

Keep an Eye on Air/Railway Tickets Discounts

Depending on your budget and destination, decide whether you wish to travel by railway or by air. Keep track of all the discounts and offers available on air and railway fares. It is easy to do when you plan your trip in advance. 

Limit Your Luggage

Carry minimum luggage because most airlines charge extra for baggage that surpasses the permissible limit. Therefore, it is advisable to adhere to a carry-on as it won't cost you any additional charges. Carrying minimal luggage also makes it easy for you to travel locally after you reach your destination. You don't want to have to leave your luggage at your hostel among strangers. 

To Sum Up

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page," said St. Augustine. Do not waste your summer breaks and long weekends tucked in your bed in front of your laptop. Instead, go out and explore the world and capture the memories. Make new friends, learn about different cultures and traditions, and enjoy the fleeting moments. Use the above-given tips, and you will never go broke while on a trip. 

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

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